Free Gold
The main portal for using this web site is accessed from the front page under the "View gold maps by entering a street address" link. The service provides the location to known gold deposits in the USA Government's mineral resources database (MRDS), most records of which are for the United States of America: there are many gold sources included from other countries. Please do not ask me for more information about other places: I have already included the data I have.

The data presented on the map include:

  • GOLD DOTS that show the approximate location of the known mineral claim that includes the word "gold" in the record, noting gold was found at that location. The gold may have been the chief mineral resource, or a trace mineral found within some other mineral such as silver or copper. Use your mouse pointer to "hover" over any yellow dot, then "mouse click" once to display the record's information window.

  • If desire by you, PURPLE DOTS will show rock sample ages and various other data about the samples when you "mouse click" on one. The button for this is embedded on the map, top right corner. The same button toggles the feature on and off.

  • Map Info shows information about the map, as well as elevation.

  • Map Center button will draw a circle in the center of the map, in transparent red. If you drag the map around, the circle will be erased and then drawn again when the map is redrawn. If you mouse-click the circle an information box will appear, stating the diameter, in meters, of the circle. I chose arbitrary diameters based on zoom levels. If you wish to click on the map "under" the circle, you will have to turn off the centering circle by pushing the "Center" button again. The centering circle toggles on and off with the same button.

  • COMMODITIES can now be added and removed from the map. I have added only the most common found in the United States of America. I have a separate web site for silver. New layers take a few seconds to load.

  • The QUARTER QUARTER SECTION has being implemented. On the map's top right corner there is a button labeled "Township." One "mouse click" on that button will retrieve the PLSS data for the quarter-quarter section of the center of the map, IF AVAILABLE. If the data are available, a polygon will be drawn around the section, and the text box on the top center of the map will show the information. To dismiss the polygon, use one "mouse click" on the polygon. The polygon lays on top of any map markers, so it must be dismissed before you can "click" on a marker.

  • Moving the mouse pointer over the map will update the latitude and longitude INFORMATION BOX that is located on the map, in the upper right corner.

The map page uses a browser "cookie" to keep tract of your last known map-viewing location. It will save the map's center location when you leave the map page, and when you return to the map page it will load the map using that location.