Free Gold

2019-JAN-09: Mobile applications here, via Google Play and also via Amazon.Com

2018-DEC-16: This service will shut doen in year 2019, December 30th. I will attempt to find alternative maping services.

2018-DEC-12: The mobile application for hand-held devices is complete, tested, and working properly. However, I will probably not release the app, as the maping service I use will be terminated in 12 months.

2015-DEC-23: The new web site allows for more minerals, including gold and silver, to be plotted on the map.

2015-DEC-18: Added a right-side border to the map so that hand-held devices can scroll the page.

2015-DEC-18: Added more text to each marker's InfoWindow: click on a marker and you will see what comments are available for the mineral deposit.

2015-DEC-15: Added "Circle" button that shows map center. See "How It Works" page for details.

2015-DEC-15: Restored map information button. See "How It Works" page for details.

2015-DEC-12: Removed links to older versions, as they were not being used.

2015-DEC-12: Gold map viewing canvas has been expanded, with selection elements moved from the right side panel down to the bottom below the map.

2015-DEC-09: This web site is costing me more to host than I receive via advertising. I am considering abandoning this service if it continues to cost me funds greater than income. If you have an "ad blocker" installed, perhaps you will consider disabling it for this web site.

2015-DEC-03: PLSS line plotting continues to be working poorly. Some of the data elements are NULL when received from the server.

2015-NOV-22: Map Info button has been disabled due to issues with near-by location names. Google's Places service has changed its requirements. I will restore the information button in a month or so.